We have some exciting news

1.) Gevosoft

First of all Gevosoft finally has a proper .com domain! This also means that we now have the contact email contact@gevosoft.com which is really exciting!

You can visit our main website on gevosoft.com and our blog on blog.gevosoft.com.

And talking about websites we have a redesigned main website and a redesigned blog!

2.) The Journal Companion

We have redesigned almost everything related to the Journal Companion app. We have updated:

  • The app
  • The website
  • The Google Play Listing
  • The screenshots

We also pushed out version 16.1 which includes an awesome sync feature! Yes, we improved on the old backup feature and made a Multi-Device sync feature that backups & syncs all of your data (logs, pages, notes, tasks) securely and in the background. You can read more about the sync feature here!

To Summarize (TL;DR)

  • We now own gevosoft.com
  • We updated our main website (gevosoft.com)
  • We launched a blog (blog.gevosoft.com)
  • We redesigned the Journal Companion App, Website and Store Listing.
  • We released a Multi-Device sync feature to the Journal Companion.

Thank you so much for using our products and we hope 2019 is going to be an amazing year for all of us!