Gevosoft was launched in Helsinki Finland on the 17th of February 2018 by Edvard Busck-Nielsen as a platform/name to publish apps & tools under. Gevosoft origins from Tell Space which was the original organisation but Gevosoft took over all things related to Tell Space. Tell Space was shut down by this message on the Tell Space Blog:

Tell Space is officially being shut down and replaced by Gevosoft. Gevosoft is a technology > development and service organisation much like Tell Space. This means that all Tell Space products > will be moved over to Gevosoft. So What does this mean for you?

Well, really nothing, you will not notice any difference in Tell Space’s old products but the > name change. If you are concerned please read more & contact Gevosoft on their website.

Thank you for this ride and we wish you the best!

Regards the Tell Space team 2018

Tell Space was also created by Edvard but Gevosoft was basically a fancy name change, but the organisation philosophy change made it easier to just create a new organisation and automatically move over all products & projects to the new organisation.

Gevosoft is now focused mainly on mobile apps which were one of the reasons Gevosoft was founded, but Gevosoft also develops some scripts and tools like The Onyx Bash Project and the Kelly Programming Language. Edvard had developed an Android app and wanted to publish it to google play so Tell Space was created to create a google developer account under a name and not a person.

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